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Leading the way in Construction and Design

Imperial Homes is founded and professionally managed by a perfect mix of experienced and young dynamic team with a vision to take the construction industry to a complete new level. Founded by Mr.B.Zaheer Ahamed Khan who has been in the construction Industry for more than 30 years and has converted many a land into landmarks. He has successfully completed more than 100 Projects under him and after taking D.N Constructions & Best Homes to success he has joined with his son to start Imperial Homes. Mr.Z. Mahin Ahamed having finished his Bachelors in Civil Engineering has over 10 years of experience He has been so far instrumental in completing 1 Lakh sqft. under him.


A Home has emotional values rather than being just a business transaction and dream coming to reality for many.It is where everyone’s story begins, where people learn to laugh ,to share, to live, to love ,and to forgive.At Imperial Homes we understand these feelings and by focussing on Integrity, Strong ethical and transparent business practices, expert professional assistance we ensure that our customers are

Highly satisfied clients and dreams to reality

Best Value for their hard earned money

A total hassle free experience in each and every step


A Design can make or break a product and a good design is the result of hard work and intelligent effort.We focus on the minute details right from the design stage itself and by going that extra mile we ensure that the final product is better and the work is not delayed once started ensuring timely delivery.From the Initial Master Planning of the complex ,to the designing of scheme drawings of the apartment layout, to the final design each Home is meticulously planned and elegantly designed and only after repeated iterations is a plan finalised.

We partner with our clients, consultants and extended design team members taking into account comfort, function, liveability so that our homes fit, inspire, influence and enhance the lives of its users.



The initial consultation with our clients determines their objectives, personal style, preferences, budget and other specific requirements and is the roadmap for any of our project.


We do extensive research ,listen, engage ,support and closely work with our clients and design team offering years of experience before finalising a design which can be built within a realistic budget.


We discuss the entire project planning ,scheduling and execution in detail right from the finalised design to the start and finish of construction and the final outcome.


We double check measurements and give timely feedbacks to the clients at various stages of the construction so that any corrections or alterations can be done without any difficulty or delay.


This working partnership and hassle free experience ensures in creating unique homes which reflects our clients lifestyle , meeting all their requirements  and bringing their vision and dream to reality.


Each Imperial Home evokes a character of its own .We offer our customers more choice in terms of the location of the site, design, budget and are a class apart in terms of the construction quality, perfection, timely delivery, and value for money.Our homes feature spacious living rooms, Dining Rooms ,Bedrooms and Kitchens with all the amenities creating a relaxed environment for its families for today, tomorrow and for years to come.


Focus on Quality

We at Imperial Homes have set ourselves the most stringent ideals for quality which is the effect of hard work and intelligent effort. We do extensive research ,brainstorm with experts and in ground assessment before starting any work.

Planning & Execution

Both Planning and careful Execution is done by our team of Professionals who have years of experience , in-depth knowledge of the construction Industry and are familiar with customers’ needs  and specific requirements.

Professional Checking

Quality at Site is checked by a Full time experienced Project Engineers for each site along with the frequent inspections by the Directors and time to time inspection by the Architects and Structural Engineers at various stages of construction.

Built To Last

Each of our home is  built with the finest materials and workmanship just like how we would build  our very own creating lasting structures which stand the test of time

Personalised Service

We listen, engage and support our clients in every step  and tailor-make the products accordingly.

Honouring Commitment

We don’t give false promises, We clearly state what can be done and what cannot be done and what we say we deliver.

Value for Money

By following the above practices we ensure that our customers gets the  desired and satisfied results and the Best Value for their hard earned money.

Beginning of a journey

It is these values and practices that make Imperial homes stand tall over other builders in creating realistic HOMEs where countless special moments and everlasting beautiful memories one after the other are waiting to happen.

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